What Could Be Your Lifesaving When You're BUSTED

Unless you're a healthy man, almost every man have their own stash of treasures. Some have tons, and some have little. Man have needs, their sex drive is overwhelmingly more powerful than women. Hundreds of studies have found and confirmed that porn is not a sin, but a simple simulation of sex in which in a way a lesson to those who watch it. However, girls does not agree with what the medical report said, and are still pissed off in various ways after they somehow, magically able to sniff out any porn the boyfriend was hiding. Therefore in those kind of situation.... the men would need to think off 100 of excuses and choose the one most suitable to make peace again with their partner. Some advices for novices;

1. “It’s proof of being a healthy man – everyone has a stash!”
“The standard excuse. Prevaricate by saying everyone does it.”
2. “Well, actually this belongs to my father…”
“Don’t acknowledge ownership. Useful if the content is problematic.”
3. “What, just where did that come from!?”
“Play dumb. Just pretend you don’t look at them any more and it was left over from somewhere.”
4. “Try reading it.”
“Counter with a recommendation. May improve intimacy, but may also be rejected.”
5. “I was studying female anatomy.”
“An excuse attempting to persuade her you were studying so as to be a better lover.”
6. “I’m just looking after it for a friend for [some reason].”
“For teenagers.”
7. “It’s better than cheating isn’t it?”
“A powerful but dangerous technique which puts her trust in you at risk.”
8. “But I just wanted to look…”
“Try to gain her sympathy by behaving cutely and perhaps turning the tables on her by being angry that she looked.”
9. “Periodically the masculine urges just build up.”
“A desperation measure likening it to a woman’s period to elicit feminine sympathy – portray it as an uncontrollable natural phenomenon.”

So which one is your pick? lol

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