How Realistic can a Game Be?

Over the years we have been playing tons of games, be it a first person shooter, rpg, racing, horror, action, puzzle, platforming or any other genre's how many of those game do you really feel emotionally attached?

Heavy Rain is one of those rare games that focuses on the story of the game, rather than playing a "game" ,the player are immersed into the Heavy Rain world where it reflects our spices of life. This game is more of a cinematic drama rather than what players could perceived as a real game. The ride of Heavy Rain will be like the player is watching a movie which interacts with the player in real time making it as if the player is the character himself.

This is but one of the scenes that the player would be going through *grins*
Well, cutting the bullshits aside, this game is now released already on the PS3 platform, so go and get it! Good game guaranteed for those who love dramas and action combined with deeply moving emotional game.

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