Naked Car Owner Scares Thief Away

"Wussup Mate? Where Are We GoinG?"

A car thief who ventured out for game on the outskirts of London would not have bargained for a "large naked bloke" when he started off his stolen vehicle.
But the man actually fled off in fear after the vehicle's owner, who heard his car start while in bed, ran up to the spot naked, jumped into the passenger seat and said: "Where are we going then?"
Russell Stuart, 51, was asleep at home in Dymchurg in Kent, outside London, when he heard his Peugeot 405 being started up in his driveway in the early hours of the morning.

He ran outside without putting on any clothes, opened the passenger door and sat beside the thief.
Stuart, a father of two, said the man flung the door open and ran off into the night as soon as he spotted "a big naked bloke" sitting next to him.

Stuart said: "I just got out of bed and ran to my car, opened the passenger door and sat down.
"I said to him, ' All right mate, where are we going then?' and he just jumped out of the car and legged it".
Stuart, a technician at the Dungeness power station, said: "I don't know what the guy must have thought when a large naked bloke got into the car next to him, but when your car is being stolen you don't think about it, you just react."I'll never forget the look on his face, though, it was a peach".
After the incident, Stuart drove around in his car, while still naked, looking for the thief, but eventually went home as he feared he would get arrested for indecent exposure.

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